• Canadian Geese Flying
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    Do you ever have one of those ideas and don’t know where to start writing about it, yet you know you have to?   Writing isn’t only about you and your experience.  It is the hope that it will help someone else with their challenges. However, this is all about me and if you get something from it, I’m delighted. Last Friday, February 28th I believe, I was talking to some friends and mentioned that I had an elevated blood pressure reading. Two of those friends are nurses, Jeff and Fran. I made little of it and so Jeff went to his car and brought his equipment back with him,…

  • Crystals and Buddah
    Healing Lessons

    It’s Been Awhile

    I have so many excuses for why I haven’t written for my blog as often as I would like. I hurt my shoulder.  Broke a fingernail so low I can’t hit the computer keys very well. I have writer’s block but not the usual block where I would look at a blank screen and freeze. It’s that I have so much to write about and my grasshopper brain takes over and…… the end. Even the book I’m writing. Nada. However, that will change as my IT man (and grandson), Aidan, has installed Dragon Voice so in a few weeks I’ll be at it again.  All those excuses are valid except…

  • Fireman taking a break from fighting a fire.
    Achievements,  Gratitude

    I’m Just Doing My Job

    I had to think long and hard before writing this blog post. For some reason, I went into my head wondering what people would think of some of the rationale in this statement, “I’m just doing my job.” I thought of those who have worked for years, giving and giving, only to be told, sorry, it is time to downsize. Happens all the time. Then I considered the people who would think, well they are just doing their job, so what’s the big deal? The big deal is looking at job descriptions and then making a thoughtful decision.  There is also the element of exactly what the people, who are…

  • Sitting cat
    Healing Lessons

    Give It Thought Before You Dive In

    Have you ever felt you should do something, but it wouldn’t be a good idea? Have you ever ignored that warning and done it anyway, only to realize you made a mistake? Come on. You can let me know. I have a friend who says I am the most nonjudgmental person she has ever met, so you can tell me. (Of course she hasn’t known me long!) It won’t go any further – I promise. This happened to me last evening. I understand there are many people who simply will not understand what happened, although I know a great many people will. I really want to hear both opinions. On…

  • Yvonne as Mrs. Cratchit

    The Miracles of Sleeplessness

    It seems that when I can’t sleep, I find a film or book that amazes me and speaks of exactly where I am. Surprising indeed and it has happened more than once. I am so grateful. I went to bed around 11.p.m. It seems that when I sit in my armchair, I fall asleep and when I go to bed the thoughts run riot. I speak with myself and practice all kinds of exercises to go to sleep, from music to Viktor Frankl, and many other impressive people’s ideas and nothing works. Now sometimes it does. I have noticed that when I am struggling about writing, sleep eludes me no…

  • Woman smiling at herself in mirror.
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    If Only They Knew

    Just recently I conducted a memorial service for a man whose family wanted it to be more of a celebration of his life. He wasn’t very old. They told me a lot about him. They described him as hilarious, compassionate, a people person, and generous. Most of all he adored his family – his wife and two daughters, sons in law and grandchildren, his twin brother and other members of the tribe! They told me he had a laugh that would bring the walls down and that had he had known me; he would have had my accent to perfection within three minutes. Moreover, he would have discovered the events…