Yvonne with Bonnie the horse

Sleepless in North Wales PA

This is not an unusual occurrence for me – I am sleepless often for a variety of reasons. I can get up and write, then go to sleep. Not tonight – nothing – nada: this muse has disappeared.

Edie Weinstein
Edie Weinstein

This is my first blog in seven years. Imagine that. Someone as verbose as I, arid and dried up. That’s the writing, not me. I am thriving. Is it something like my concern for Adele? All her songs were so sad about lost loves and regrets that when she became happy I felt her creativity might dry up.  Is that the same for me? Certainly I am not happy in the way I was, yet there are times when a different kind of happiness moves right in. I don’t question it – I simply absorb it with gratitude. Ah! There’s a subject I can embrace.

This blog would not exist were it not for two very special women who are determined I will remain in the limelight of a kind, regardless of the fact I have been out of it for over ten  years. Edie Weinstein, at Opti-mystical.com, has pushed and shoved me until I capitulated and contacted the second women, Kim Krause Berg, of Creative Vision Web Consulting, LLC.   Creative is their second name – their first is persistent and if I ever needed anything right now in my life, persistent women fit the bill.

Both of these very talented women have shown such incredible patience with me. Edie by interviewing me on her radio show, mentioning me in her articles, honoring me by calling me her mentor and better still, her kick arse therapist many many years ago. Such flattery, how can I bear it?

Kim Krause Berg
Kim Krause Berg

Kim has sent me minute by minute instructions almost to, “This is how you turn on your blog site, Yvonne “, to encouragement and offers to take me by the hand. Me – this self-described, technology challenged, woman.

Bonnie and Yvonne
Yvonne and Bonnie Become Fast Friends

This is the end product. Well not quite. I am still sending this to Kim to put on the blog! A few months ago when I was at a very low ebb, these two women ‘got it’. Not like many others, who don’t expect me ever to get to a very low ebb, they decided the best thing to do was to take me to a horse farm! Check it out – fabulous Kate Goldenberg at Safehavenequine.com. Amazing. I met her horses, especially a 25-year-old Thoroughbred mare named Bonnie. We clicked, two ‘ripening’ women. She massaged my back when Kate tickled her – glorious. I was very much at peace when I left and I hope to return soon, especially as there is a new foal called “Birdie” – like my favorite protector Aunt Birdie, whom I will be writing about soon.

Attitude with Gratitude

I love the phrase an “attitude of gratitude.” It is part of my DNA. Throughout my very colorful life, there have been people who have entered, did what needed to be done for my soul and left.  Some remained and I will be writing about them in future.

Kate with a horse
Kate Goldenberg, Safe Haven Equine and New Careers, LLC

At this point in time gratitude is something to be desired. It isn’t necessarily a vastly spiritual event. Rather, it follows my way of life – keep it simple. A suggestion. Start making of list of gratitude’s, adding more daily as they appear. Basics are the best.  I am grateful to have the family I have: to wake up this morning (that’s if I ever get to sleep), that I can breathe freely, I can walk, talk and meet with friends. That I have a home, two indoor rescue cats, three outdoor feral cats, all of whom are rather fond of me. I have incredible friends, mostly women and some extraordinary men. I am a member of the delightful Upper Dublin library and I go to a support group of veterans and of first responders who are there for me as I am for them. So much for which I am grateful and my list keeps it green for me. Endless people who are available and the beat goes on.

I have a lot of ideas about writing this blog. It is exciting as it has been a long time in the making. It has given me an insight as to its connection with my personal bereavement.  I have a myriad of subjects upon which I wish to express my opinion. Some will be insightful, some mystical, others deep and many funny. I am not known as “Mental Health’s answer to Erma Bombeck for nothing! I am hilarious mainly due to my experiences as a foreigner to this country and believing that English English was the same as American English. Lots to report on that one.

Winston Churchill said the only thing that separates the English and the Americans in their language. Never understood that until I came to live here. Oh the stories I can tell! I will open my heart and soul to you who will read this blog and I hope to hear from you. I will be writing about my childhood, as I am living history and hope some college or school studying the Second World War in European history will invite me to share that aspect of abandonment and rejection that made me who I am today. I am very excited. Hope you are too and if you want me to address a subject other than the political climate currently as nobody seems to understand it, please let me know.

Be well and prosper.

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