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Telephone Counseling

Telephone counseling is available with Dr. Yvonne Kaye. Her specialties are:
The money disorder – when money is the addiction.
Bereavement counseling, specifically for families and friends of children who have died.
Apprehension as the result of trauma.
Relationship challenges.
Abundance and prosperity training.
Managing home and work/coaching.
A brief discussion of the challenge will define whether or not Dr. Kaye will accept the appointment or refer to a more appropriate expert. This is a free consultation that will take approximately ten minutes.

Should the counseling be appropriate, the fee is $150 for an hour, which is to be paid in advance by check.

Details will be discussed at the initial inquiry.

Call Dr. Kaye at 215-393-5464 to make arrangements.

Older hand and child's hand holding a rose.


Dr. Kaye is an ordained, interfaith minister and is licensed to perform weddings, interfaith, interracial, same sex unions and other services.

She is receptive to the needs of people making a loving commitment. Her spiritual ceremonies are co-created with the principals involved as her desire is to present their day as they wish it to be. Poetry, music, readings and pageantry. The interfaith philosophy is “in addition to, rather than instead of.” It is flexible and Dr. Kaye welcomes couples regardless of their beliefs.

The ceremony is warm, intimate and friendly, regardless of the size of the party. No two ceremonies are the same. They reflect the personalities of the couple, their love, hopes, dreams and desires.

Dr. Kaye attended and was ordained through the New Seminary in New York City.


The opening keynote address sets the tone of conferences and workshops. The closing address brings the experiences of the day together. Dr. Kaye likes to do both!

Her venues range from hospitals and rehabilitation centers to the corporate world. Once she even addressed a convention of demolition experts and had a blast.

Women’s Enrichment Groups

Dr. Kaye introduces women to themselves. She has been a woman for a very long time and has experienced much of what she teaches.

Dr. Kaye uses the power of humor and gentle wisdom as she encourages women to examine their potential and live their lives to the fullest.

If you would like to form an enrichment group and want the best facilitator in the field of women’s self-actualization, contact Dr. Kaye. She also gives addresses at women’s conferences.


Educators, school support personnel, clergy, corporate trainers, bereavement counselors and other professionals have all benefited from Dr. Kaye’s training programs. So have non-specialists with a need to communicate.

Just a few of her many training topics include:

Coping with loss death and grief
How not to go nuts and still be helpful
Care for the caregivers
Outrageousness and eccentricity
Abundance and prosperity — expanding horizons
Spirituality and humor (in the workplace or anywhere else)

Living With Loss, Death and Grief

Loss is an enormous subject, far bigger than death. All areas of loss are addressed in this presentation particularly how it affects every day living and change of perception. If grief is not recognized in the workplace, productivity is severely affected.

Addictions with Complications of Grief
This subject is rarely addressed in the recovery field. It is essential if relapse is to be prevented. People entering treatment with established grief issues need them to be addressed, and where better than in a residential treatment program. Health practitioners can use this discussion to examine their own attitudes to the grieving process.

Families Impacted by Crisis
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is common today. Crises covers many issues, from job loss, diagnosis of illness, birth of a special needs child, parents in the military. This presentation offers alternatives in dealing with such circumstances. Based on Dr. Viktor Frankl’s, Man’s Search For Meaning, crises are examined and resolutions offered.

Guilt, Gold and Gullibility
Spending tied up in a relationship going nowhere. Using gift-giving as a solution to feeling empty. Lending, bailing out, supporting, all in the name of love. Suitable for health professionals, educators and all living things!

Women and Money
Women have special challenges with having money. It is uncomfortable and they need to be aware that having money does not mean one’s partner has money – they need their own bank accounts, credit cards, financial advisors and IRAs etc. The ‘undeserving’ nature of women is deeply addressed in this workshop/keynote.

What’s Love Got to Do With It? Including the Saga of Fred and Mabe
Codependent relationships of all kinds tend to be on a merry-go-round at times. Insanity – doing the same things over and over and expecting different results. A humourous look at relationships and what to do about them.

No New Beginnings Without Endings
This presentation is to encourage people to creatively grieve what has been lost and to get on with their living. It examines ‘being stuck’ and holding onto what is beyond their control. Life may never be the same – it could be even better, using experiences wisely.

Care for the Caregivers
For people who tend to forget they have to take care of themselves before they can help others. They put themselves on hold and wonder why they are so exhausted. This presentation puts the fun into considering alternatives and making healthy choices. Excellent for keynoting conferences on long term or terminal illness.

How Not to Go Nuts and Still be Helpful
Much in demand for conferences, seminars and workshops for those in the ‘helping’ professions including educators. Large chunks of humour and certainly discussions on options to high level stress.

Send Help, I’m a Parent
Dr. Kaye is a mother, grandmother and irreverent indeed. This is a hilarious approach to dealing with children in a society that says – I will raise your child for you and if you discipline them in any way, you will pay the price! I don’t think so!

Balancing Home and Work
This follows Send Help etc. Especially helpful to people in sales and others who work from home. To be able to create boundaries between work and family. To increase productivity using something as simple as humour and defining personal goals.

Outrageousness and Eccentricity
A surefire insurance against aging! This workshop/keynote highlights the way our culture defines aging and how we can change it. Guess what – we aren’t all the same and this attitude is age-defying. The times, they are a-changing.

Women and Laughter – Spirit at Work

Women are not supposed to be funny. They are the caregivers, nurturers and patience producing species. Really? Well they can be all those things if necessary and hilarious to boot. The indominatable spirit of women is addressed in this irreverent presentation. Good for clergywomen too, and for those who are terminally serious.

Spirit Soaring, Laughter Roaring, Spirituality and Humour
These are healing presentations. Laughter is the most under-used emotion to deal with pain, grief and illness. It is as essential as breathing and as Sophie Tucker always said – KEEP BREATHING. It is blissful, exciting and one of the top ten of Dr. Kaye’s presentations. Useful for self help programmes, support associations. Certainly for health professionals and businesses – in fact for all those breathing.

Prosperity and Abundance – Expanding Horizons
This follows Credit, Cash and other Money Disorder presentations. It is designed to illuminate the untapped wealth of potential and of the riches of the Universe. It is spiritual in content, practical in application. It is fun. Very suitable for people who want more.

Ripening in Spirituality
Western culture is obsessed with youth and aging. Recovery is challenged constantly on these issues. There is only one way off this planet and this presentation helps ease the fears, replacing them with hope, purpose and peace within the soul. One day at a time is the mantra and how one fulfills their ambitions, goals and dreams is all based on choice, laughter and spirit. Recovery rocks!!!!

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