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Yvonne and JohnDr. Yvonne Kaye, Highly Respected by Both Mental Health and Addiction Professionals

Mother, grandmother, storyteller, writer, published author, thanatologist, humourist and former Philadelphia radio show personality, Dr. Yvonne Kaye has been involved with people since 1951 in her native England. A survivor of the Second World War, she uses her experiences in working with people in emotional pain, grief and loss, believing in the spiritual power of humor as a healing tool.

Dr. Kaye has been in field of human service for many years, encountering extraordinary people whose courage has amazed her. Her passion is offering enrichment in life, mentally and emotionally, to those who have no concept of their own creativity.

Bereavement Specialist

She is known nationally and internationally for her work in bereavement, especially working with families who have lost children to death. They inspire her. Yvonne was gifted with the ability to listen and therefore she is a perpetual student of human beings, their courage, resilience, humor when nothing seems funny and when it is. What she will offer is an open mind, an honest interaction and the wisdom of being a lecturer, professor, therapist, thanatologist, and addictionist for many years.

Curl up in a comfy chair, grab a cup of tea and treat yourself to her story telling, observations, lessons, and the occasional naughty word.

“Being kind is more important than being right. Most times, what people need is not a brilliant mind that speaks, rather, they need a patient heart that listens.” — Dr. Yvonne Kaye

Inspiration and Hope

Yvonne Kaye, The Maverick

“The work of Dr. Yvonne Kaye is highly respected by both mental health and addiction professionals. She is a gift to the field and especially those who are trying to work through grief and addictions. Her work touches and teaches all of us.”
chain with heart
Robert Ackerman
Ph.D. Indiana University of Pa. MAATI Addiction
“Intuitive and creative, Yvonne’s abilities and capabilities are born from living life; from feeling pain, from experiencing grief, happiness, love and generosity. Coupled with a thirst for understanding and knowledge, quenched by formal training and certifications, Dr. Kaye is the “real deal” and “total package” in a crowded field of clinicians and therapists.”
Little boy with his hands touching a paper cut out of a red heart.
Theresa Peluso
Coauthor, Chicken Soup for the Recovering Soul

Yvonne Kaye On Respect, Empowerment, Grief and Honoring Self

 Always Real

“We think and analyse too much. In fact we overdo it because we want proof. A bereaved mother would say, “I saw my son in the Mall today.” If so, then he was there. These things don’t require an explanation and in fact, I teach a lot of women how not to explain. Why investigate something that brings momentary pleasure.” – Read Take Back Your Power by Yvonne Kaye

Always Funny

“I remember one woman saying to me that her children were so out of control. When she gets up in the morning, her children are climbing all over the table, the sideboard, the television. I innocently asked her why she didn’t buy some chairs.” — Read “Hallo, It’s Me”

Living it Up! Ingrid Hosts Dr. Yvonne Kaye In a recent video interview with local Living Juicy producer, Ingrid Guthrie, Dr. Kaye discusses her work and what set the stage from her childhood for the profession she is now famous for.

Watch the video

Yvonne, Kim and Ingrid

Logo for video interviewVideo Featuring Dr. Yvonne Kaye

In this incredibly candid interview“On the Arms of a Phoenix”, Dr. Yvonne Kaye talks about her  work and shares some of her most famously hilarious experiences with author, Edie Weinstein.

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