• Path in the woods
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    The Journey

    I went to England last year and this year – not for the holidays, but to see where I belonged. I haven’t been sure about it for a very long time. I am having lunch with my friend Ruthie today. She is a diner chick like me. I have written about her before. She is a bereaved mother without a filter which I love, and she knew my late husband, John, before I did. So, it’s lovely to be with someone who not only is comfortable with me talking about John, but who talks about him more than I do. I know she will want to know all about my…

  • Older hand and child's hand holding a rose.
    Grief,  Life transitions

    The ‘Nice’ Woman Just Left

    I have written about grief before and here I am again. This time, all bets are off and I am so angry at the denial around grief and addiction. I have presented on this subject at a couple of rehabs for the staff. In the past I could speak to the patients but that has since changed. The VA Hospital at Perry Point, Maryland has invited me over the years and I have been honoured to speak on this subject to those who work with recovering veterans, particularly those plagued with PTSD. In the past, Dr. Robert Ackerman encouraged me to continue my determination and I was invited to speak…

  • chain with heart
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    The Deeper the Love, The Deeper the Pain

    The holidays are approaching fast. Malls are filled, traffic is crazy and I am filled with apprehension as to how I will be. Some people say it’s only another day and I would like to believe that. However, I have been a bereavement specialist for a very long time and beg to differ. Now I am one of the bereaved and I know it to be real. When a loved one leaves, in any way at all, special days are important. Birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, celebrations. Somehow the emptiness that goes with the broken part of them takes over. This is the second Christmas without John. It was always special because…

  • Ireland in the morning
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    Yes, Yvonne. There is Peace Somewhere

    I am a perennial student, always learning and willing to seek knowledge and peace. It seems to be in demand lately as the world is slowly slipping into hate and vitriol so that peace is out of reach. It isn’t. Just keep it simple. Yesterday I found peace, unequivocally and without pretense. I found it in Peace Valley Park in avant-garde Bucks County. It has been a solace for me for a very long time and feeling pressure, I headed out there to experience the beauty of nature and serenity. I find it there especially during the week when it is relatively quiet. I took a small picnic, but ate…

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    Why Rubens Is My Favorite Artist

    When I was a little girl I wanted to be pretty.  I wasn’t. When I was an adolescent, I wanted to be pretty. I wasn’t. When I was a teenager, I wanted to be pretty. Acne won. When I was a young woman I wanted to be gorgeous. I wasn’t. When I was a young mother, I wanted to be breathtaking. I wasn’t.  As an older woman, I wanted to be striking and ageless. I am. The ‘do not haves’ haunted me for most of my life. People who love me told me in the past that I was putting myself down. Wrong. One of my many admirable assets is honesty.…

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    What Is Happening with the Music Industry in 2016?

    The year 2016 has brought sorrow and grief in the music industry. Today Prince died. He was just 57. At time of writing, there is no information as to why. Lots of conjecture, but then isn’t there always? Rumor is a way of life in our Western world. The shock is indescribable, just as it was with my particular hero, David Bowie. There were others too in this year of 2016. Glenn Frey. Keith Emerson keyboardist of Emerson, Lake and Palmer, Merle Haggard, Dennis David, Bowie’s amazing drummer. So I ask…………. what’s happening? The interest people have in those they do not know personally is intriguing. I never met David…