Since I turned to an advanced age, some people are treating me in  unacceptable ways, and I hope that perhaps this article will at least make some people stop and listen.  More than that, I hope they change their ways. What prompted this? Just recently, someone refused to get in my car if I was Continue reading “”

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I have had several of those lately. Have you? I lost count on how many times I started to write a blog. One was Pot Pourri – again.  That didn’t work. Then I named one “Creativity in this Chaos.” Nah! Today that all changed, and I found something that touched me in an unexpected way. Continue reading “”

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I don’t know what to call this. I think it’s my grasshopper brain in action. It is 1:47am. I had all intentions of actually going to bed and sleep. Such an optimist. Sleep has become elusive lately and erratic. Like this early morning, due to some physical pain, I am awake and raring to go, Continue reading “”

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So much has been written about attitude.  An attitude of gratitude is well known indeed, and it doesn’t have to remain the same because like life itself, attitudes embrace change. This isn’t entirely popular as there are so many different aspects to change.  Life’s challenges will change so much and with these, comes grief sometimes. Continue reading “”

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My friend, Edie, describes the roller coaster so well. When we go and get on a roller coaster, we know it is going to go up and then it goes down. We can expect to know when we can get off. On the other hand, for an emotional roller coaster, one never knows when it Continue reading “”

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Having battled writer’s block for several months, the Universe relented and here I am. Usually writer’s block is described as people looking at a blank screen or notepaper. The opposite applies to me. I have too much to write about. An idea jumps into action and before I can write the title, ten more attack Continue reading “”

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