• What price love?
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    What Price Love?

    As Dr. Robert Ackerman wrote in his extraordinary book, Same House, Different Home, family members do not see addictions in the same light. Over the years, I found myself as an intermediary, mostly with families involved in interventions. So, when a family member told me where their votes would go, I was gob smacked. I never would have believed it. It was swiftly followed with – “I don’t want to talk about it.” That was a relief as neither did I. In my work I’ve seen severe family disagreements over religion and politics which have torn them asunder. However, I never thought it would happen to me. So what does…

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    Having worked in the field of addictions for so long, I understand there are three things that can really cause a relapse. Boredom, step 13 (inappropriate ‘love’ affairs) and resentments. Certainly I had a lot of them years ago, but no more. I am only going to take one at this time, resentments, as I think it is the most challenging. This week I came across words spoken by one of my hereos. I have a lot of them in varied life and no-longer-life forms. This one is so crucial today. “As I walked out the door toward the gate that would lead to my freedom, I knew if I…

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    Oh Those Distractions

    Having broken through whatever was keeping me from writing my blog I wrote two tonight and was preparing to go to bed in case I was lucky enough to sleep, when I thought to myself- you have to write another one. I had to have a discussion with myself about why it had taken so long to break through the block and I decided it was distractions. Here are some of them. Patience and Solitaire The most formidable is what I call Patience and what you call Solitaire. Then there is spider solitaire and I am hooked. One might talk or write about Pokémon or whatever that is. I don’t…

  • Birdie, 1938
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    Aunt Birdie

    On February 26, I flew out from Philadelphia International on my Aunt Birdie’s eighty-seventh birthday. Because I rarely sleep on planes I had time to think about her and the nature of my visit. Obviously I wanted to see her but it was more than that. She was an icon of warmth, unconditional love and laughter when I was a child. She was the light of an otherwise gloomy existence. I wanted her to know how much I appreciated her taking an interest in a little girl, and sowing the seed of self respect as no one else had. This in itself is a gift which I have passed onto…

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    Take It From Me, You Can Do It

    I wrote a poem many years ago when I was going through great trauma in particular about love and my part in it. It was after the divorce. Up to that point, I had been the worst codependent on the planet, well taught by my mother, so saying no and pretending I was independent with a lot of strengths, were largely a part of my fertile imagination. The marriage had been for almost twenty-five years and one evening my husband asked me, “What would you like for the Silver Wedding?”  I was in shock as I hadn’t received gift of that nature and from somewhere came a voice. I still…

  • The word Whoa on a stop sign
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    TCA – A New Self Help Group

    I bless the day that the remarkable Bill Wilson, together with Dr. Bob, counseled a third drunk and Alcoholics Anonymous was born.  It is hard to believe there was a time when there was no AA. Now there are many offshoots of this incredible worldwide program, all of which are very necessary. So, in due deference to Mr. Wilson, I decided to create yet another self-help group. It is called…………. TCA.  Technologically Challenged Anonymous. Did I mention, (Oh yes Yvonne, numerous times) that I am computer phobic? Whenever I try to contact the support system for my chosen carrier, I sing whilst waiting to be heard, “HELP, I NEED SOMEONE,…