Some resentments appear to be justified or it’s the holding onto them that causes the trouble. In any group of people, when the question is asked, “Do you have any resentments?” most will hold up their hands. Like anger, it is there. Feeding it is detrimental to one’s overall health and wellbeing. In her book, Continue reading “”

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I AM WRITING THIS ON BLACK FRIDAY.  Hah! Here they come again – the holidays. I wonder how many people remember the actual meaning of the word – HOLY DAYS. No, I am not going to push religion – just sayin’. Recently I was asked to write an article for my cousin’s newsletter. It is Continue reading “”

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Today was a bitter sweet day. I had breakfast with my dear friend Ruthie and the magic about Ruthie is that she talks about John more than I do. She knew him before I did and watched our progress with loving eyes. She is a bereaved mother and has a heart bigger than the world Continue reading “”

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What happened to a local Abington school girl over the years? There are no words. However, I am going to find something to say because of the murder of Grace Packer, whose memorial service was just held. I am not going to write a lot about 14-year-old Grace. I will focus on only this message.  We Continue reading “”

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The holidays are approaching fast. Malls are filled, traffic is crazy and I am filled with apprehension as to how I will be. Some people say it’s only another day and I would like to believe that. However, I have been a bereavement specialist for a very long time and beg to differ. Now I Continue reading “”

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My little cat, Della, was not feeling well. She is John’s cat and regardless of some people’s cynicism, I know both she and Daisy, the other cat, are still looking for him. After all, he was with them all the time. Now they are frequently on their own. When Della was first unwell, it was Continue reading “”

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