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    Gratitude,  Healing Lessons

    This All Started

    I actually started handwriting this blog which is what I did with all my books. Also, because when I start to type, Della, my cat, plonks herself on the keyboard and who am I to move her (only cat people will understand that one). She has been renamed Ms. Bossy as she will intrude and intervene whenever and wherever she pleases. It all began the night before when I was feeling somewhat forlorn. The roller coaster was in place as it has been for a long time. This sense of gloom has been around for a while and my Academy performances weren’t working too well. In fact, my performances were…

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    Healing Lessons

    It’s Been Awhile

    I have so many excuses for why I haven’t written for my blog as often as I would like. I hurt my shoulder.  Broke a fingernail so low I can’t hit the computer keys very well. I have writer’s block but not the usual block where I would look at a blank screen and freeze. It’s that I have so much to write about and my grasshopper brain takes over and…… the end. Even the book I’m writing. Nada. However, that will change as my IT man (and grandson), Aidan, has installed Dragon Voice so in a few weeks I’ll be at it again.  All those excuses are valid except…

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    Healing Lessons

    Give It Thought Before You Dive In

    Have you ever felt you should do something, but it wouldn’t be a good idea? Have you ever ignored that warning and done it anyway, only to realize you made a mistake? Come on. You can let me know. I have a friend who says I am the most nonjudgmental person she has ever met, so you can tell me. (Of course she hasn’t known me long!) It won’t go any further – I promise. This happened to me last evening. I understand there are many people who simply will not understand what happened, although I know a great many people will. I really want to hear both opinions. On…

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    Healing Lessons


    There is only one reason for pain, be it mental, physical, spiritual, emotional. Something needs attention. I write about my personal life because, while to some it may appear to be unprofessional, the truth is that by being forthcoming with my pain, it helps my readers to know they are not alone with their own. I have been in physical pain for about two weeks now and have sought treatment. Some works for a bit, some doesn’t. The important thing is I do seek treatment, which when I was STRONG for all those years, I did not. The pain is located in the lower right back. Should that have been…

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    Healing Lessons,  Life transitions

    Making Choices While On the Emotional Roller Coaster

    My friend, Edie, describes the roller coaster so well. When we go and get on a roller coaster, we know it is going to go up and then it goes down. We can expect to know when we can get off. On the other hand, for an emotional roller coaster, one never knows when it will start or stop. It can surprise us at any time about anything. One can be enjoying friends and going home feeling well and happy. Then wham! An unwelcome emotional downer hits hard. What can we do about it?  Understand Choice I learned about choice from my ‘bible’, Man’s Search for Meaning, by Dr. Viktor…

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    Blown Away – Energy Vampires

    I wasn’t going online this evening. Something, that my son Daniel just called cathartic for me, happened. Last week, I bought a book written by Dr. Christiane Northrup. I haven’t had time to read it until this weekend – far too busy with others’ challenges. When I say that this book is the most stunning book I have read since Man’s Search for Meaning by Viktor Frankl MD, and when I give you the title, you will understand why. It is called Dodging Energy Vampires: An Empath’s Guide to Evading Relationships That Drain You and Restoring Your Health and Power. From the moment I started reading it, my head was…