As a writer, there are words I do not like. “Should” is one of them.  A woman recently wrote that she felt the word “should” needed to be removed from the dictionary. I agree. Don’t slip in “ought to” – it’s the same thing.   Physically strong is acceptable, emotionally strong is not. This is Continue reading “”

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This article got me out of bed tonight. It insisted that it needed to be written….. and so, it is. I have worked as a Thanatologist since the seventies. It is a bereavement specialist and I have learned valuable lessons from my patients.  The most important is that people should allow themselves to grieve. Some Continue reading “”

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Grief comes in all aspects of life under the title of loss. In this post, I am addressing those who want to be supportive and don’t know how. Grief is an Expression of Love There has been so much grief expressed just this weekend, let alone this past year, that I thought I would address Continue reading “”

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“Apparently helping people who have lost their loved ones isn’t important because, after all, they are not billable.” According to my favourite information resource, The Oxford English Reference Dictionary, the definition of apathy is the “Lack of interest or feelings of indifference.” Lack of Interest or Feelings of Indifference I won’t bore you with more Continue reading “”

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It is 7:35 p.m. on Tuesday, April 9. Every year, Victims Services of Montgomery County hold a memorial service and vigil for families and friends of homicides. I am honoured to be asked to present the Spiritual Invocation. This is my twenty third year attending. Watching those in anguish is heartbreaking. I have friends who Continue reading “”

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It is Memorial Day 2018. I have thanked men and women, alive or dead for their service. Thank you again. I woke up this morning with tears streaming down my face. They turned to sobs, heartrending sobs. It went on for quite a while, until I could hardly breathe. Bear in mind, I rarely cry. Continue reading “”

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