Endorsements and Testimonials

The work of Dr. Yvonne Kaye is highly respected by both mental health and addiction professionals. She is a gift to the field and especially those who are trying to work through grief and addictions. Her work touches and teaches all of us. — Robert Ackerman. Ph.D. Indiana University of Pa. MAATI Addiction conferences.

Bonnie and YvonneDr. Kaye’s work with Great Lakes Training Associates over the past twenty years has always generated the highest possible evaluation scores. Professional therapists invariably comment that her “presentations brought a new perspective” to the way they develop their treatment plans with new clients. We are always ready to have Dr. Kaye bring her special talents to our conferences and workshops. — Dennis S. Miller, President, Great Lakes Training Associates Inc., Indianapolis, Indiana.

I am now and always have been extremely impressed with Dr. Kaye’s subject delivery, her depth of knowledge, wide range of experience and her passion to help others learn. I’ve learned more from her presentations than any I’ve attended in the past few years. Dr. Kaye’s life-saving information is something every clinician and parent should know. I appreciate her dedication and service to others. — Rev. Daniel Newman Ph.D. DD. Ct. Cincinnati, OH.

Dr. Yvonne Kaye has presented numerous excellent continuing education programs for Chesapeake Health Education Programs/VA during the past few years. Dr. Kaye presents programs with enormous take-away value that people can apply to their daily lives. She presents from a vast array of experience that she has acquired through years of continuous work with addictions and grief. — Sandra Espinosa, Administrative/IT Specialist. CHEP.

Dr. Yvonne Kaye is one of the most trusted and capable professionals in the treatment field today – in part due to her background, experience and training, and in part due to her heartfelt compassion, empathy and respect for the individuals who seek assistance for their addiction and grief issues. She is also insightful, witty, candid, tolerant and creative – and brings those qualities into all her interactions with patients, their families and other professionals. — Richard M. Pine, President and CEO Livengrin Foundation, Bensalem Pa.

Yvonne Kaye has the ability to address issues of grief related to addiction with magnificent insight and wisdom. Dr. Kaye’s gift is using her combined talents of compassion, knowledge and humor that captivates audiences across the country. — Rokelle Lerner, International Presenter on Addictions, relationships and adult child issues.

Yvonne Kaye is funny, empathic and talented. She has a bottomless well full of skills to help people work through difficult issues in a humane, compassionate way. Her humor heals, her knowledge connects with people and her aura and touch are therapeutic. Intuitive and creative, Yvonne’s abilities and capabilities are born from living life; from feeling pain, from experiencing grief, happiness, love and generosity. Coupled with a thirst for understanding and knowledge, quenched by formal training and certifications, Dr. Kaye is the “real deal” and “total package” in a crowded field of clinicians and therapists. — Theresa Peluso. Coauthor, Chicken Soup for the Recovering Soul, HCI Books, The Life Issues Publisher.

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