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Dr. Yvonne Kaye is an international speaker with subjects ranging from Spirit Soaring, Laughter Roaring, to post traumatic stress disorder and bereavement. She is a Storyteller, Addictionist, Thanatologist, Care-sharer,veteran radio talk show host, Interfaith Minister, author, columnist, keynote speaker/trainer for corporations. Her work is eclectic and appropriate for all professions, Veterans Administration, and many others, believing in the power of the human spirit. Involved with long term illness, post trauma and crises, Dr. Kaye is a strong advocate of humor and spirituality. She uses her own life experiences as a basis of her work which is now involved with First Responders, Nurses, Veterans suffering with PTSD , and addiction. She is a Spiritual Coach and her philosophy is “Laughter is the miracle healer”. Dr. Kaye received the prestigious Matty Muir Award for work with victims of crime.

Dr. Yvonne Kaye is in a constant state of transition. During her long and colorful life, she has experienced just about every challenge in terms of personal growth and change. She has an astute understanding of the demands of life on people together with the necessity to support healthy self esteem. She believes that life offers great opportunities and great demands. Self worth is the basis of being able to deal with such inevitable change. Life does not stand still.

Yvonne has many strengths she wishes to share with others. She has not forgotten her background believing most sincerely, if she could travel to where she is today, from whence she came, anyone can do it. She has proven this by working with people who didn’t believe in themselves and carried messages given to them as children. They are very successful today. She states categorically that her most important asset is humor believing it is underrated healing.

Dr. Kaye is especially effective as a keynote speaker. Her eclectic approach appeals to all professional, corporate and healing arts. She is a spiritual woman meaning in her life, of the spirit, her spirit. She has presented at prestigious institutions, such as the united nations, international conferences and is a strong advocate of support groups. She has been granted many awards including the Matti Muir award for working with victims of violence and PTSD in all areas. Radio talk show host, published author, Thanatologist, addictionist, mother, grandmother, story teller. She is mental health’s answer to Erma Bombeck.



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